PAR- Q & YOU Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire - PAR-Q (revised 2002) (A Questionnaire for People Aged 15 to 69) Regular physical activity is fun and healthy, and increasingly more people
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How do it everybody's non-linear and inthis video i'm gonna go over a veryimportant aspect the personal trainingprocess and that is the part to the parkyou is the physical activity readinessquestionnaire and no matter whetheryou're certified by ace NASM NSC a issaa CSM every single major certificationrequires that you put every clientthrough a park you as it helps you toidentify any risk factors which may maketraining unsafe if a certain number ofrisk factors is identified a client isthen required to obtain a physician'srelease before you train them so thepark you is very important to keep yourclients safe it's also a greatopportunity for you to build rapportwith your clients so the main problemthat people run into when it comes toadministering a park you when trainerswork in the gym they don't want toaccumulate a lot of paper since you haveto run through this with every singleclient and when you do fill out yourpark you where do you store it moreoverif you're building your own website whenyou have a prospective client you don'twant to have them fill out a ton offorms because it'll wear them out beforethey ever meet you so it helps to havethe park you lightweight paperless andready available so i put together anapplication to help you administer thepark you without having to have paperand the best news is a lot of youalready have this application you justdon't know it yet i've added it to thefit pro calculator now for those of youthat don't know the fit pro calculatoris a web application that i've developedto help you track your clients progressover time through fitness testing ifyou've never signed up you can go to fitpro calculator dot-com and then you cansign up to use the fitness test as wellas the park you for those of you thatare already signed up for the fit procalculator you will now notice a buttonon your navigation bar that says parkyou where you can administer this veryimportant aspect of personal training soin this video i'm going to go over howto administer the park you using the fitpro calculator so let's get startedadministering the park you now there'sreally only one piece of equipment thatyou're going to need and that's going tobe the imran blood pressure monitornow pictured here you have the wrongthree it's the only issue that i raninto was the cuff size a little bitsmall for guys so you might want a sevenor ten but this would be a good startnow if you want to get more informationon the FitPro calculator because you'venever been there I definitely recommendthat you go to Johnson for procom clickon the first article which is thefitness testing article and then you canread up on the fit Pro calculator andthen see how it can be useful for youthey'll also be able to read reviewsfrom other trainers that have used itclick on the registration below...